Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Let me begin, by saying, "Cats are like potatoe chips - you can't have just one"! Having said that, I will introduce to my FOUR cats!! And NO I am not an animal hoarder. It is not fair to the animals to be a hoarder of them. In the wild, all animals are territorial!! There is just enough space for 4 cats and 2 adults in my house - that's it period!!

The cat today is Clyde, a 3 year old nutered male, Lynx Point Siamese. He definitely has the true Siamese temperment. Very sweet, when things are going his way. Very demanding, when they are not going his way! An example of the latter, if he wants to sit or lay in a particular spot, and there is something in the way, he'll just push it out of the way, and if it lands on the floor, oh well so what!! Herewith are 3 pictures of him:

The 1st:He is on his very, very best behavior. The 2nd, Clyde being Clyde. The last, Old Mr. Blue Eyes, aka Frank!!

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