Thursday, January 5, 2012


This craft is real easy to make!!! Even, a child with the help of an adult can do it relatively easily!!
8.5" X 11" paper
stickers and/or stamps
maybe even crayons/markers
self-adhesive laminate sheet 9" x 12"
1. Place stickers on on paper and or color, and/or stamp paper.
2. Peel a little of the adhesive back on the laminate sheet.
3. Attach laminate sheet to the paper.
4. Smoothly, and gently peel the remainder of the laminate sheet
back, so that the rest of the paper is covered.
5. When you have it all covered, there will be left over laminate on the edges
of the paper. Trim it off with the scissors, and you are done!
The picture I have here is one I made with Valentine's Day in mind. I have seen this used as a placemat for animals or for other special occasions!!


AND not to mention - funky FLorida weather!!! 73 one day, 35 the next!!! What the heck!!!

I have tried so hard to start a garden here in Florida!!! If is isn't lack of water, it is poor, sandy soil!!! What to do??? Started from seed (3 times) no go!!! My front mail box garden, it is doing very well - of course it has mostly succulents in it! A variety of cactus, and one lonely Rosemary!! These all did very well, even with the frost last night!! I covered them up!!

I gave up on the seed tray idea! Went to putting potting soil in half of a pot, then special seed soil in the top half. This pot was planted with Cosmos from seed. You can see for yourself they are doing very well. Maybe a little frost bitten - hope they will revive with Floida warmth & sunshine!!! Will keep you updated on my garden's progress!!!