Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This picture is the vry beginning of a mini rose - the buds have not even opened yet!!
Day One - bud has opened!
Day Two - Bud has opened even more!!
AND, still opened even more on DAY THREE!!!
Sadly, DAY FOUR - The rose is starting to look a little shabby!! And that is all!!!!!!!!!!


You might say, an alternative title is: "A Picture is Worth 1000 Words"! This is one of my latest garden creations. In my side yard, I this beautiful old Red Bay tree with small Palm tree next to (Saw Palmetto). There was a lot of yard debri around it, so I cleared the debri away, made a path with recycled tiles I found for FREE. I know call it "My Path to No Where". It starts at no where and ends at no where! Ther are two garden statues of a rabbit and frog in that garden! And the best part, I get to look at each day from one of my windows!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


NOTE Everything you plant from seed, start in a pot!!!! Florida's soil is too sandy & acidic to start seeds in!!! Then, amend the soil we store bought Garden Soil, once the seeds have started growing!!! From seed I have successfully started, Cosmos, Sunflower. Just today planted tomatoes from seed!! I had some sun-dried tomatoes in the house. I took about 6 pieces which had some seeds still in them and planted them in a pot with good soil in it & watered well. Also, last week, planted hot peppers in a pot. About 4 years ago, I decided to plant some succulents. This spring two of the four succulents had flowers. The big bright white blossom above, is from a small cactus about 4 yrs old!! This is the 1st time it has flowered!! Apparently, it is one which flowers for only one day - I wonder, if I'll have to wait another 4 years for the next bloom. One week ago, I planted herbs - parsley, sweet basil, mint, & chives. These were not from seed - but they are doing really well anyway!! My cannas have come back to life and are also, soing well. AND to finish off the gardening I have grapes growing in my yard - WOW!! And, I thought my green thumb had turned real dark brown - maybe even black!!! Moral of story, Gardening Requires Patience & Time! Fortunetly, I have lots of both!!!