Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Below is a picture of my parents.

Yes, this is becoming a journey of ancestry, history, and geography. The further back I go, the more of a journey it becomes!!! Since my last posting, I have found out that on my father's side I can trace my lineage back to King Altoy of Turkey, born 25 AD (Mesopotamia at that time)!!! Another branch of my father's side can be traced back to the Plantagenet's (King Henry II, Richard The Lion Heart, & King Henry VIII of England)!!!

Along the way, I have found out not to be afraid to talk about what you have discovered to date, and occasionally "Google" what you need to look for. Twice, I have talked with a close friend about my prior research!! This lead me to places I would not have thought to go. She told me, that her nephew and my Great Grand Mother are burried in the same cemetery!!! WOW!! The second conversation, was centered around my Mother's maiden name (Sheldon). I mentioned to her that there was a branch of Sheldon's who lived in Northampton MA. Also, that there is a connection to the Deerfield MA Museum. The next part of the story can only be called amazing, until 7.5 yrs. ago I lived in Greenfield MA (only 11 miles north of Deerfield MA) - never knew until I started tracing my ancestry that there were Sheldon's in Deerfield MA!! So now, I google "Sheldon's of Deerfield MA", a whole 3 - 5 pages come up WOW!!!
And now the end, I will be taking an actual, physical ancestry journey back in time, in October of this year. This journey will include: Deerfield MA; Gardner MA; Westminster MA; Fitchburg MA; Falmouth MA; Westerly RI; New London CT, & Gettysburg PA, as well as Orange County VA!!