Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, you probably all know by now, I love cats!

Let me begin by introducing the players in this mini-drama, 1st, a neighbor's free- range hen & her chicks (if you look closely in picture with barrel you can see her -sort of in the shadow); 2nd, another neighbor's cat (black & white); & least but not last, my cat - Friday, orange tabby.

As I said, the hen & her 5 chicks are free-ranging the neighborhood. The neighbor's cat, for some reason, has taken a liking to the chickens. He is very possessive & protective of them. He is also, know to to chase other critters away from the chickens, this includes other cats. Friday, is an indoor cat with a bit of a Harry Houdini Complex. He likes nothing better than to escape outside. I have been watching him watch the chickens for a whole week. You just knew what was on his mind.... 'Oh boy I really want real chicken for dinner'. After about 5 or 6 days of watching the chickens from inside the house, he escaped, and made a bee-line for the chickens across the street.

'Oh good neighbor's cat not around.... no one on duty protecting chickens'. So he thought!

That is until, he got about 1.5 feet directly in front of the chickens! Now, this is when things got real interesting! The mother hen spread her wings, started flapping them, jumping up & down, and madly squawking - loud enough to wake the dead!

Friday, didn't want real chicken for dinner anymore!! He just was not planning on mama being around!!

I grabbed him .... he needed to be rescued! He was in my arms purring happily!!