Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well, I have found another way to simplify this jurney through my ancestry! First, let me say, I come from a very small family (no extended family to speak of - both my parents were only children!! So, I had to be ingenious in researching my ancestry! I started with, tracing my ancestry back as far as possible. However, I ran into several roadblocks! In overcoming these roadblocks, I tried to find distant ccousins on, and find the ancestor we have in common. This has helped a great deal, as I have come up with four distant cousins. Two of which are helping me fill in the gaps of my family. Again, do not give up, just keep at it! It took me 6 months to get to this point.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This could also, be subtitled 'Don;t Give Up!'
Six months ago I started researching my ancestry! In the process, I found big wholes in the tree (branches that just vanish into thin air)! It seemed like there were a lot of ancestors that came from the 'Stork' - right out of the sky! No parents!
By not giving up, I mean two things. First, do not give up the physical search. And, almost as important, is the memory search! Going through your mind's memory for what you have been told in the past.
An example of this, for me is, in the case of one of my great grandfathers. The particular one in this case, is listed as William. Yet, there are not any records, except for one, listing this particular individual with the name William. Then, my memory came back to me. I had met two 2nd or 3rd cousins of my mother's from this side of the family. One, I was able to trace back and find the help on line of two of my distant cousins. The second one, I was able to trace directly back to my great grandfather. Between the two cousins, I have been able to verify that my great grandfather's name was actually George William
The best tips (through experience) I can give to you are as follows:
a. Don't give up.
b. Use all the computer information available. I use the following:
1. Usually has a 7 or 14 day free trial period but
after that you have to pay.
2. is free.
3. is free. Also on it is a link to the Social Security
Death Index also free
c. All the information you remember, write it down.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am introducing you this week to the last, but not the least cat of my four cats. He is a three year old nuetered cat. Unlike, the prior cats, he is not a "shelter" cat (I am all in favor of "Shelter" cats & dogs)! However, I had three from a shelter, and was on the look out for a specific breed of cat this time. I wanted a Siamese cat, and a co-worker had a litter of Lynx Point Siamese, which she was selling for a real reasonable price! This is how Clyde came into being with my husband and I.
You may not think he is a "true" Siamese cat, but two things will tell you he is. First, when he was a kitten he had all buff colored coat without any pattern. This is true of all Saimese. Also, he had and has blue eyes. The best way to show you this is in the pictures: the first picture is at 1 3/4 yrs old; second at 2.5 yrs old; the last at 5 months old.
The best thing about him is his very Siamese, endearing personality. Typical of his breed, he knows how to get your attention. It is kind of in your face until he has your attention! He has also, adopted me personally, and delegated himself to be my protector! He gets extremely possesive of me with the other three cats!
Finally, he gets along with Friday and Missy very well, but Thai does not appreciate his super-friendly attitude! We were in hopes this would change over time, but alas, it hasn't and she just tolerates him. Thankfully, there are not any serious cat fights.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It is now time to introduce you to kitty number 3 but, first, a better picture of Missy! Also, a few words more about her. She is very laid back, unless backed into a corner. Then, she will retaliate! However, she prefers to just eat & sleep! She is commonly referred to around the house as either "Miss Piggy" or the "Princess"! She was adopted from a local shelter up north as a distraction for our orange tabby mail cat, Friday. He was very high energy, and required something to occupy his time - she was just what the doctor ordered. While they were both kittens they paid a lot of attention to each other. Once they became adult cats, they no longer care for each other.
Now for the third cat, Thai (pronounced Ty). She is also, a spayed, *8 year old female, blue-cream dilute, medium hair length, part Siamese. She is a real cutey. I went to the local shelter (third time)! This time because, my husband fell in love with Missy. However, Missy was very much afraid of him (a rather large man)! I took pitty on him, and brought Thai home! She is not and has not been afraid of him at all. In fact, they take naps together!! She is referred to around the house as "Sweety Pie". This is because, that is the best way to describe her temperment.