Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am introducing you this week to the last, but not the least cat of my four cats. He is a three year old nuetered cat. Unlike, the prior cats, he is not a "shelter" cat (I am all in favor of "Shelter" cats & dogs)! However, I had three from a shelter, and was on the look out for a specific breed of cat this time. I wanted a Siamese cat, and a co-worker had a litter of Lynx Point Siamese, which she was selling for a real reasonable price! This is how Clyde came into being with my husband and I.
You may not think he is a "true" Siamese cat, but two things will tell you he is. First, when he was a kitten he had all buff colored coat without any pattern. This is true of all Saimese. Also, he had and has blue eyes. The best way to show you this is in the pictures: the first picture is at 1 3/4 yrs old; second at 2.5 yrs old; the last at 5 months old.
The best thing about him is his very Siamese, endearing personality. Typical of his breed, he knows how to get your attention. It is kind of in your face until he has your attention! He has also, adopted me personally, and delegated himself to be my protector! He gets extremely possesive of me with the other three cats!
Finally, he gets along with Friday and Missy very well, but Thai does not appreciate his super-friendly attitude! We were in hopes this would change over time, but alas, it hasn't and she just tolerates him. Thankfully, there are not any serious cat fights.

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