Friday, September 16, 2011


When we spoke last, it was of my Siamese cat, Clyde. A final note on him, he definitely believes he is human, and above is a picture to prove it!

The next picture is of Thai (pornounced Ty). She's 8 years old, spayed dilute tortie, short hair. However, she has the undercoat of a long hair cat. Her temperment is very, very sweet, hence her nickname, Sweetie Pie.

What stands out about her is she's a genuine "cat burgler" (an expensive one at that - to the tune of $15,000). You might ask, how this is possible? First, if you done't keep your purse closed, she will go through it. Then, if she finds something interestng she will take it out and drop it on the floor. This particular time, there was a $15,000 check in my purse as part of a downpayment toward a mortgage. I am at the mortgage company, and I am going through my purse (several times) looking for the check - it is not there. Now, the entire contents of my purse is on the table - and still no check! Long story Short: I knew this was Thai's habit, my purse was not closed; called back home and asked my daughter-in-law to check under the table where purse was last. Sure enough, on the floor was the check!!

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