Friday, August 26, 2011

My Obsessions

Where to start? I guess I will start with my latest obsession, which is searching out my ancestry. This has led me straight back to some of my older obsessions. These are history and travel.

I have found the best ancestry searching site is It is free, easy to operate and thorough. I can spend hours on it, and in some instances have! It has opened my mind to a lot of historical questions. Such as, what exactly happened to cause all of these ancestors to die on the same day? Was it war-time, and if so, which war, or was it disease or famine? It has opened my mind to more travel related directly to me, rather than to others or in general. I know I can't afford to travel back to New England in person. However, with the aid of the computer (at least for the time being), I will travel through the computer.

Another one of my obsessions, crafting. I do crafts with stamping, coloring, jewelry, natural bath & beauty items, paper crafting. Love to do paper crafting. It can be easy to complex, but if you have left-over paper in your home you can use it!! No or Low Cost.

Paper Crafting: I do a lot with card templates & origami.

I will be posting more in the future!

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Hey there, kudos on starting a blog, I have one, but alas, I have neglected it since going to facebook and spending so much time there and playing games....will be checking back
    Good Luck!